Warsaw campus

University of Social Sciences offers student possibility to apply for a place in Student House.

To get information about available rooms and conditions of the accomodation, please visit the website of the Student's House in Warsaw www.akademik.spoleczna.pl       

FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS in case of any questions:

  • University of Social Sciences Student
  • 6 Ciołka St., 01-402 Warsaw
  • Phone: +48 22 656 39 00
  • Mobile: +48 664476777
  • e-mail: dswarszawa@spoleczna.pl

How to apply?

1. Fill University Dormitory Application Form        and send it to the Internmational Admissions Office by email on . In the email please inform us in which room you are interested for.

2. To book accommodation a deposit in the amount of 500 Euro is required.

3. International students should book and accommodation no later than 14 days before the scheduled arrival in Poland.